No more support of any kind  (project finished).

Download still available only for FT-2000 (no download for FT-950).





Due to several reason (personal problems and lack of interest about this utility from the ham community), I'm planning to phase out Master Commander soon.

I'll release as an unsupported alpha release the latest build of mc 008 and then the development will be closed.

Many thanks to everyone.




Nota :


Per svariate ragioni (problemi personali e mancanza di interessa da parte della comunità dei radioamatori su questa utility), Master Commander non sarà ulteriormente sviluppato.

Verrà rlasciata come non NON SUPPORTATA l'ultima versione alpha mc 008 e poi lo sviluppo verrà sospeso.

Grazie a tutti quanti.






IK1SOW Lino,  S51J Janez, RW3DL Amir, ON4AGT Guy, W8FTX George, LW7EAL Enrique, IZ1NBX Gianluigi, KP4WR Jesus 



W4LGH Alan, N2TU Lou, ZL1CDP Chris.





AWH Master Commander Utility
AWH Master Commander Utility

Download MC (latest beta build)

AWH Master Commander beta 0.0.7 build 6 April 25th, 2010.
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 2.3 MB

While I try to assure the accuracy of this software , I cannot promise that it is absolutely accurate.
Please note that this software is currently in beta and therefore unsupported.
Beyond this, I make no guarantee as to its suitability for any purpose.
I assume no liability or responsibility for errors or inaccuracies.
Please understand that you use these tools, programs and resources at your own risk.



Master Commander UNSUPPORTED alpha 008 build 0

AWH MC alpha 008 - User Guide - Draft - Preliminary
Awh Mc 8 user guide (draft).pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 4.4 MB
AWH Master Commander alpha 0.0.8 build June 15, 2010.
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 5.4 MB

Please note that this software is a non error free alpha release and therefore is unsupported. I make no guarantee as to its suitability for any purpose. I assume no liability or responsibility for errors or inaccuracies.
Please understand that you use these tools, programs and resources at your own risk.


Those are three video preview of Master Commander beta 0.0.8

(italian language) 

AWH MC 008 Parte 1 :
AWH MC 008 Parte 2 :
AWH MC 008 Parte 3 :


What is it ?

AWH Master Commander is a simple and small utility (about 2 mb).


This is done from a non programmer (me), and the challenge was to learn how to code something with the now freely available development tools (Microsoft Visual Express).


The project has been started to only allow an easy setting of the internal microphone parametric equalizer.

Then MC evolved adding controls of some other function which are available into the rig but not easy to use or set.


The primary goal is to allow the users to learn a little bit more of their RTX and the way it's working. It's also a way to share experience and find new friends !


Many friends use it for quick setting of some parameters or to print out the menu list. Someone else use it only when need to perform a firmware upgrade on the rig, to save and reload the settings. Someone else is using it as a cat rig controller.


Give it a try and found if there is any usage which fit with your needs.

It's totally freeware (and will always be a free tool).


The only thing to remember is that it's still a beta version, mean that it may have some bug. if you find problems, don’t get them...

Hardware requirements

Personal Computer

  • Cpu : at least 1.5 GHZ clock
  • Ram : at least 512 Mb
  • Hard disk : at least 10 MB free space for MC
  • Video : at least 1024x768 resolution
  • Port : one serial port or a usb port with a usb to rs232 adapter

Note :

Physical RS232 serial port works always without any problem.

USB adapters may not always works very well.

It's important that the USB adapter has the true RS levels and that manage the ancillary data lines. Also, it's really important to have good drivers to install for your operating system from the supplier or form his web site.



  • Yaesu FT-2000 (any firmware)
  • Yaesu FT-2000D (any firmware)

Currently MC is not working with FT-950 and with FT-9000 (needs more work, I'll need more time).


You need a PIN TO PIN (straight) RS232 serial cable.

Do not use null-modem cable (crossed).

Pc connection
Pc connection

If you don't have a pin to pin cable,  it's very easy to build it.

You only need :

  • 2 Canon d-sub 9 pin female connector
  • xx feet of  wire, at least two wire plus shield (5 conductor plus shield is the best)
  • Soldering station
  • 5 minutes of free time


Component needed
Component needed

Minimum connections are :

  1. pin 2 connected to pin 2 (this is the received data)
  2. pin 3 connected to pin 3 (this is the transmitted data)
  3. pin 5 connected to pin 5 (this can be the shield, ground signal)

With this cable you must use handshake off with MC

On the rig, switch OFF the RTS menu 

Reccomended connections are :

  1. pin 2 connected to pin 2 (this is the received data)
  2. pin 3 connected to pin 3 (this is the transmitted data)
  3. pin 5 connected to pin 5 (ground signal)
  4. pin 7 connected to pin 7 (this is the "request to send" for handshake)
  5. pin 8 connected to pin 8 (this is the "clear to send" for handshake)
  6. Shield wire can be connected to the shield of the connectors
Cable with 5 wires
Cable with 5 wires

With this cable you can set (reccomended) Handshake ON into MC serial protocol frame and set the FT-2000 CAT RTS to ON.

This will allow you to run at 38400 bps without any comunication error (you must use this type of cable also to run pcc2000 and to do firmware/dsp upgrade).

This pin to pin cable then needs to be connected to the CAT port on the back of the rig and on the COM port of the computer.

For this purpose, no other cables are required. No interface is needed, the FT-950, FT-2000/D, FT-9000 rig use standard RS232 levels.




Optional, you may clamp on a couple of ferrite beads just to avoid RFI.

Software requirements

Mc needs the Microsoft Dot Net Framework 3.5 (see below)


MC has been developed and tested with :

  • Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3
  • Windows Xp Home Service Pack 3

MC working with :

  • Windows Xp Home Service Pack 3
  • Windows Xp Professional Service Pack 3
  • Windows Vista SP2 32 bit (all versions)
  • Windows 7 RC 32 bit (all versions)
  • Windows 2003 server
  • Windows 2008 server


MC doesn't work with :

  • Windows 95-98
  • Windows Millenium
  • Windows NT 4.0
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows 64 bit
  • Linux (any)
  • Mac Os X


Note : some friends are able to run MC under Macos or Linux using the now available "virtual machine" and loading Windows inside (look at VmWare or VirtualBox or similar).


Windows XP must be patched with SP3 (or later).

Windows Vista must be patched with SP1 (or later).


For any Windows O.S, is always suggested to check for the latest update here :

Select Custom and check high priority, software and hardware option.



IMPORTANT : Master Commander require dot net library vers. 3.5. !!!

Almost all the computers with windows have this library already installed. If missing, you can download Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 from here :


Installation guide

Connect the RS232 cable and power ON your RTX (you can later do it from the software once you know that it's working).

Then :

  1. Download the ZIP archive (above)
  2. Extract the Setup AWH MC EXE file
  3. Double click it
  4. Follow the wizard (OK, Next, Accept, Next, Next, Install, Next, End)
  5. Only for the first time, we now need to configure the connection parameters.
  6. Select the RTX type  (FT-2000 PEP or FT-2000D PEP, ...) from the frame in the upper left Select RTX)
  7. Select the pc serial port where the cat cable is connected (COM1, ...) from the frame in the upper right (Port Setup)
  8. Select the speed (baud rate), this MUST match the same speed as in the rig (4800, 9600, 19200, 38400). I highly reccomend to use 38400. To check your rig baud rate, enter menu and check the item n.28 (FT2K pep) or 27 for FT2K pre pep firmware).
  9. Select the proper handshake from the Serial Protcol frame. This is VERY important. If you are using a 3 wire cable (2-rx, 3-tx, 5-gnd) then you MUST set Mc to Handshake OFF and your rig with RTS to OFF (menu item  30 on the FT2K pep or menu 27 on older firmware). If you are using a 5 wire cable (reccomended) then you MUST set Handshake ON and set RTS to ON into the rig menu.
  10. Click CONNECT.


After few seconds you will be connected to your rig !

Enjoy :)


Example : this is my startup screen and setup :

1 : Rig FT-2000 PEP

2 : Serial port COM1

3 : Speed 38400 (menu item 028GEnE - CAT BPS - 38h4)

4 : Handshake On (menu item 030GEnE - CAT RTS - On)

5 : Click Connect button


Click on the image below to expand


If you would like to see a review of Master Commander, here is a very nice video from Mike WD4AM using MC with his FT-2000 in his very good station (many thanks Mike) :

AWH MC Video review from WD4AM


Browsing on the net, I've found this MC video demo from a French user. If you want to have a look at this quick tour of the features of MC (in french language) here are the links :

Video part 1

Video part 2

Video part 3

Video part 4

Thanks to Nicolas :)


The following is a nice video of M0PAW's Yaesu FT-2000 rig controlled by Awh Mc 007.  

Thanks to Keith.

M0PAW Video  



Here is a nice video of my friend Gianluigi IZ1NBX.

Here he is using his FT-2000 in his station with AWH MC 008.

Many thanks Gian :-)



Awh Master Commander and Windows 7

Awh Master Commader runs on Windows 7 (Enterprise 32 bit final) just of of the box with default system.

No other requirement, just start Win7 and install MC, connect the cat cable to the ft2k and start using it. That's it. No need to install additional dot net framework, service pack, updates or any other software...

MC running of Win 7
MC running of Win 7